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During the holiday season, the kitchen tends to be the main center of the home – guests gravitate there to chat and snack, and to help out the host with cooking and serving delicious holiday food. While you are prepping and organizing a delicious feast for everyone, you will want to enjoy the Christmas spirit too. To get your kitchen holiday ready, we have compiled this list of tips for decorating your kitchen for the holiday season.

  • Add Greenery – garlands add wonderful texture and colour to areas of a kitchen with shelving or exposed beams.
  • Christmas Linens – switch out your regular dish cloths for holiday themed ones for a fun twist.
  • Christmas Flowers – consider displaying a holiday-themed vase with flowers, such as a Poinsettia plant.
  • Edible Décor – guests will appreciate a display or cute Christmas cookies or treats, and the display can help your kitchen to feel more festive too!
  • Gingerbread Centerpiece – have some fun building a gingerbread house, then use it as a fun centerpiece. Bonus points for trying to make a gingerbread version of your house!
  • Baubles Everywhere – ornaments such as baubles and bells are small and simple enough to place anywhere in the kitchen – try hanging them from cupboard doors!
  • Scents – for a final touch, use candles or aromatherapy diffusers to have your home smelling wonderfully Christmassy. Scents such as gingerbread, peppermint, or even pine can feel very festive.

When you’re decorating for the holidays, don’t forget your kitchen! As the epicenter of your home, both yourself and your guests will appreciate a festive atmosphere in your kitchen.


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