Granite Bathroom Countertop with Square Sinks
Bathroom cabinets are both insanely practical and create a design focal point for your bathroom. This year, make your life easier, more organized, and have fun by putting in new bathroom cabinets.

1. Your Cabinets are Tired

Vancouver bathroom cabinets are subjected to all sorts of conditions – heat, cold, and damp, often in a very short span of time – and stand up to soap scum, makeup, and toothpaste on a daily basis. Quite simply, they look worn and tired long before other furniture and there’s nothing wrong with replacing them with something fresh and new.

2. You Use This Every Day!

The bathroom cabinet is one of the first stops you’ll make in the day, as well as your final one before your day is done. Why not make it just what you want and need?

3. Declutter and Get Organized

Having new bathroom cabinets will give you a great opportunity to declutter – give up stuff you no longer need and choose a style that accommodates your present and future needs.

4. Update to a Cabinet That’s Easier to Keep Clean

Modern style cabinets in Vancouver aren’t popular just because they look great. They’re in demand because they are also very easy to maintain, unlike older styles with decorative ridges that trap dust and dirt. If you’re storing medicines and other sensitive stuff in there, you’d want them as spotless as they can.

5. Create a Custom Solution

A custom cabinet can help you use a tight space more efficiently. Of course, they’re a bit more pricey than a DIY or a ready-made, but if you have space restrictions, custom cabinets are your best bet to create the most attractive and efficient use of every inch of your bathroom.

Elite Kitchen Centre helps home owners build dream bathrooms and kitchens with fine craftsmanship and attention to detail. Give us a call if you’d like to learn more.


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