One of the best things about preserved kitchens in old houses is the combination of the curves of worn wooden butchers’ blocks with the elemental permanence that granite and quartz surfaces provide. Granite and quartz may be pricey but they last forever and are simply things of beauty that you and your family can enjoy on a daily basis.

There are various treatment options available to preserve as new the smooth, luminous surfaces of granite and quartz, such as Dry-Treat sealer, or you may prefer to invite the classic patina of age as these natural surfaces respond to the way that you use them.

A further advantage of granite and quartz countertops is that they bring a touch of the exotic to your Langley home. British Columbia may not be famous for the exotic stones in its hills, but your counter top was once part of a mountain, formed over the millennia, providing a huge variety of colour and texture to choose from depending on the mineral content. The minimalist lines of modern kitchen design are really brought out by a piece of stone, whose living history can be read from the geological formations it contains. For something more traditional seek out a wide range of granite surfaces. The light-flecked structures provide a depth to the surface, as well as the rougher grains of specialty granite.

Be sure to feast your eyes upon Caesarstone Quartz Collections, as featured at Elite Kitchens and Bathrooms. If you are looking for Quartz Countertops in Vancouver, look no further. Here the colour is more uniform and can be closely matched, or clashed, with whatever scheme you have chosen. The same is true of the quartz countertops created by Cambria. These are made of natural stone, and the unique quartz countertops and surfaces have textural qualities that can’t be found elsewhere. You will feel the difference under your hands.


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