One of the ways to brighten and refresh a kitchen at a reduced cost is to paint the cabinets. Or maybe you are installing cabinets in a brand-new kitchen! Kitchen cabinets can be painted any colour that you like. In today’s blog article, we want to talk about using bold cabinet colours in your kitchen and the pros and cons.


Bold cabinet colours make a statement. They are eye-catching and can make a ho-hum room look very welcoming. With bold colours, you also can be courageous with your choices, venturing outside of the usual neutrals. You can end up with a colour that you really like.

In addition, the trends this year in design are, in fact, for richer colours, so your choice will not necessarily be out of place. Those walking into your kitchen may think, “wow,” this kitchen is like in a magazine.


The downside of bold colours is that usually for resale, neutrals are safer. Neutral paint is like the vanilla of ice creams. You will appeal to the largest number of people if you stay neutral. So, the big question is, how long do you want to stay in your house. If you plan to stay there for a long time, then feel free to go bold. If you plan to resell within five to 10 years, then neutral is safer.

Another negative of bold colours is that they may go with a very special design scheme that is specific to you and your belongings. Sometimes someone else may have a hard time imagining themselves in your hand-picked design. And you may grow tired of a bold colour faster than a neutral, so the neutral probably has a longer service life.

The easiest and least expensive way to allow a design scheme to change over the years is to make the big things (cabinets) more neutral, and use your pops of colour in pieces that can be changed more easily, like light fixtures, or counter displays, or kitchen accessories, or even kitchen hardware.

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