Kitchen cabinets are a key component of your kitchen and should be built with care and a design that reflects the personality of the homeowner. Often the sole visual focus of the kitchen, it’s important to remember that the attention put into them will pay off in the long run, in the enjoyment and pride you take in your home. Custom cabinetry is designed and installed by hand by skilled cabinet makers. While there may be the perception of an immediate price advantage in choosing a do-it-yourself cabinet set from a big box store, the drawbacks of this option outweigh the benefits.

Quality vs. Price

            Box store cabinets are often cheaply made, with glued particle board and cheap slide brackets taking the place of mortised plywood and artfully hidden under-mounts. Over time, the cheap cabinets will wear more quickly. Beyond avoiding heavily processed and weaker materials, choosing custom kitchen cabinetry gives you a larger choice of wood for your cabinets, allowing you to source local or sustainable lumber for the project.

Customized Perfection


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Ordering custom kitchen cabinetry allows you to select design options that work for you and your kitchen’s layout. If your kitchen has an unconventional floor plan, stock cabinets will leave unsightly gaps. Custom cabinets can be made to take advantage of every inch of usable space and give the kitchen a fitted look that is unmatchable. You’ll also be able to make the dimensions of the new cabinets match your height. If you are shorter or taller than average, you can ensure your countertops will be at a functional working height for your exact needs.

            By selecting your own choice of wood, style, finishing, and design, adding custom kitchen cabinets to your remodel or new home will increase the value of your Vancouver home and make your home a work of art. Elite Kitchen & Bathroom Showroom can help you design and install the custom kitchen cabinet of your dreams.


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