Organizing pots and pans, and keeping them organized in kitchen cabinets, can be a difficult endeavour for many people. Many kitchens have unsightly piles of pots and pans that make it difficult to find what you need. Here are some tips on how to organize pots and pans in your kitchen cabinets.

Types of Cabinets

Unless you are planning on a kitchen remodel and investing in new kitchen cabinets, you will want to start by working with what you have. Often within a kitchen there are two standard options, sliding drawers or large, open cabinets. Each of these have some different uses and ways to organize pots and pans.

Sliding Drawers

Siding drawers are perhaps the most common storage space for pots and pans. One common problem however is that these drawers become crowded, over stacked, and disorganized.

When storing pots and pans in drawers, less is more. Choose deeper drawers to keep pots in, and try not to stack them together. Store matching lids upside down on the correct pots to make finding a set more convenient. Use more shallow drawers for pans, and again try to avoid stacking these too much.

If you are more tight on space and you need to stack, try to keep the stacks sorted and organized by type. Avoid stacking pots on top of pans. If you are putting smaller pots into larger pots, you may wish to have a separate space for lids, as they will often get mixed up otherwise.


If your kitchen does not have extra drawer space, and you wish to use an existing cabinet for storing pots and pans, keeping them organized can be more difficult. Cabinets with static shelves are less than ideal for storing pots and pans, as this often results in watsted space and difficulty in taking and removing specific cookware without making a mess of everything else.

One option that is becoming more and more popular is customizing your cabinets and creating custom kitchen cabinet storage options. This can include converting lower cabinets to drawers. There are also options such as slide out racking in which pots and pans can be hung. These are easy to install in most cabinets and provide an easy way to keep everything organized. Pots and pans can simply hang on the hooks from their handles. Just make sure your pots and pans have holes in their handles to hang from.

There are many options to make better use of the space and cabinets you already have to better help you improve your pot and pan organization. If you are considering going with custom kitchen cabinets in Langley, give Elite Kitchens a call today!


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