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Planning new kitchen cabinets is a big undertaking, and like most homeowners, you will want the most efficient use of your dedicated space. Here are some of our tips in today’s blog on how to make your cabinets as efficient as possible.


There are a variety of inserts available for cabinets. To name just a few examples, there are spice racks that fit on doors or slide out of shelves. There are inserts for holding small kitchen appliances that slide in and out or even pop up. There are also inserts for holding garbage or recycling containers to make your life easier. Be sure to explore all the inserts available with your brand of cabinets.

Cabinet Height

Often, there is a foot or two of empty space above your wall cabinets and below the ceiling. Don’t waste that space! Either select cabinets that run to the ceiling or add additional smaller cabinets that will fill that space. You can always choose cabinets with interior lights and glass doors to show off your special pieces and use that space for décor.

Special Cabinets

Explore all the special types of cabinets that are available for special applications. For example, you can choose a narrow cabinet with vertical dividers for a small space. This cabinet with dividers can be used to stand up cookie sheets, cutting boards, drying racks or anything else that is relatively flat.

When choosing cabinets, look at everything available before making a final decision, and keep an open mind. Every year there are new inserts and cabinet configurations available that we never thought possible. Make your kitchen exactly the way you want and need it.

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Elite Kitchens and Bathrooms, based in Langley, BC, is your source for everything custom cabinetry related. As the 2019 winner of the Vancouver Consumer Choice Award, they pride themselves on stellar customer service to match the quality of their cabinets.

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