The doors on your cabinets in a kitchen or bath play a major in role in the overall style you are trying to accomplish in the room. One possibility when deciding on cabinet doors is including a glass panel in the upper cabinets. In today’s blog article, we are going to talk about how the addition of glass adds to the overall design in cabinetry.


Glass panels on cabinet doors adds versatility to the look. The room looks bigger and brighter because instead of a flat opaque surface, you now have a view inside the cabinet and the reflection of the glass.


If you install glass panels in the doors, then you can showcase special pieces inside the cabinets. Some people will add lights inside these cabinets to further emphasize what is inside them.


The glass for cabinet doors can be customized in several ways. First, the glass does not have to be flat. It can be pebbled or textured. In can be transparent, coloured, or not. There can be mullions or whatever you want to match the kitchen décor. If you are ordering custom cabinets anyway, then customizing the glass is not a big deal.

Practically speaking, it is easy to find things when you can see them inside the cabinet. There is no doubt that the glass will need regular cleaning, but cabinet doors need cleaning anyway.

Cabinets with glass panels go with every design style from the most rustic to the most sleek and contemporary. Consider adding some glass to your cabinets to make your kitchen shine.

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