If you are building a home or remodeling your kitchen, you may be wondering how much space you should allot to the kitchen. In this blog we’re going to talk about kitchen footprint considerations.

Size isn’t everything

Kitchen footprint or square footage is one thing, but kitchen efficiency is something else. No matter what size your kitchen is, there are some basic design rules regarding placement of appliances that are important and should come first.

The stove, sink, and refrigerator should be relatively close to one another and are often laid out in a triangle. This is important because you will regularly be using all three, and these three things should be within easy access.

Eat in or not

The second big question is whether you require a table and chairs inside the kitchen. You will need a minimum of three feet of clearance behind each chair at a table. So, having a table and chairs in a kitchen is the one design consideration that will require much more square footage.

If you can be happy with just some bar stools at a counter, then you can have a much smaller kitchen that still enables people to sit down. If you have enough space, you could have a table and chairs and stools at a counter.

How much cooking?

For those who cook a lot or are gourmet cooks, you will want more space than those who do not cook much. The reason more space is appreciated is because those who do a lot of cooking will likely need more cupboard space and more counter space.

Serious cooks will understand this. No matter how much cupboard space you have, install cupboards that go up to the ceiling to maximize use of space.

When designing a kitchen, efficiency trumps everything. You can have a very efficient kitchen with a modest footprint. If you need help with kitchen design in Vancouver, give us a call in Langley, BC, at (604) 533-4541.


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