The New Year is almost here. Now that you have that custom kitchen you have always wanted, it is time to invite friends and family over to ring in the New year. You want your kitchen cabinets and everything else to look its’ best and be festive. Here are some decorating ideas for your kitchen.

If your custom kitchen has a large island, it may be a good idea to create a champagne glass pyramid in the middle of this. Guests can help themselves when they arrive, or wait to ring in the New Year using this festive tower.

Nothing says New Year’s and elegance like a touch of gold and glitter. Decorate your kitchen table using gold cutlery, lots of confectionary, and just a touch of glitter. You can further enhance this by finding local Langley floral arrangements to use a center piece. If your kitchen cabinets have glass doors, hanging wreaths on them adds a bit of the holiday magic as well.

Instead of just having a pile of napkins for guests, you can use gold pipe cleaners to roll napkins into a fancy Scroll like design. Extra pipe cleaners can be twisted around the sink faucet to add more New Years decorations.

Wine glasses are an essential part of a New Years celebration. If your custom kitchen has wine glass holders, or even if not, you can add a personalized touch by adding washable pearl and glitter paint to the top of the bottom of the wine glasses. You can even use extra glitter to swirl a pattern onto it. This can also help guests tell their glasses apart.

There are endless ways to decorate a kitchen for New Years. Whatever ideas you choose are sure to make a beautiful kitchen even more so!


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