Level 1 Granite

Level 1 granite, also known as entry-level or builders grade granite, is a lower quality granite often used for cheaper installs or applications. It is usually cut thinner, around ⅜ of an inch, and requires a plywood backing for strength. Level 1 granite tends to have simple designs and less desired colours.

Level 2 Granite

Level 2 granite is mid-grade granite that tends to be thicker than level 1, usually cut to around ¾ of an inch. It offers more variety in designs and colours compared to level 1.

Level 3 Granite

Level 3 granite is reserved for the most desirable and high-quality cuts of granite. It tends to be more rare and has more desirable markings and colours. Usually cut thicker than ¾ of an inch, level 3 granite also has more noticeable mixes of minerals, which contributes to the more desirable patterns and colouring.

When choosing a granite countertop, it is essential to consider the grade carefully. While level 1 granite may seem like a cost-effective solution, level 3 granite is often recommended for its unique designs and overall premium quality. Elite Kitchens offers a variety of custom granite countertops to meet all your needs.


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