Most people renovating a kitchen or bathroom do not install cabinets themselves. Cabinets have to be installed exactly where they are supposed to be, according the layout, and they have to be level, and properly secured to the wall and to each other. In today’s blog article, we are going to talk about how contractors prepare for cabinet installation.


Floors have to be finished one way or another. Usually, cabinets are installed on top of flooring, but occasionally they are installed on the subfloor with the flooring beginning at the edge of the cabinet.

There are two advantages to installing cabinets on top of flooring. One is that if any layout changes are made in the kitchen at a later date, there is already flooring everywhere. If cabinets are installed on the subfloor, and you later move or change a cabinet, there may be areas which have no flooring, and flooring would have to be matched and installed later to cover bare areas.

The second advantage is that if there are any leaks, having flooring under cabinets prevents or at least minimizes damage to the subfloor. The advantage of not having flooring under cabinets is that it is cheaper to do that because less overall flooring is needed.

Plumbing and Electrical

The plumbing and electrical has to be roughed in. You would not want to have to damage cabinets to work on the plumbing or electrical behind walls as needed in the room. It is important to know precisely where plumbing and electrical fixtures will be before installing cabinets.

Proper Tools

Lastly, the installer needs to arrive on site with the right tools. Cabinets have to be securely attached to the wall, so uppers do not risk falling down once they are filled with heavy dishes. The cabinets also are usually attached to each other, so that one cabinet is not proud of its neighbour, and all cabinets have the same height. Proper installation gives the cabinets an overall finished and polished look. The most beautiful cabinets in the world will not look good if they are installed poorly.

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