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In previous blogs, we’ve talked about the cabinet hardware you have to think about when deciding how you want your new kitchen to look. From knobs and handles to colours and finishes, there are multiple choices that you need to make when designing a kitchen remodel.

One other choice that often gets overlooked is the type of hinge used. There are many types of cabinet door hinges on the market and, although they are basic is design, they do require some thinking before making that decision. Depending on the style, the material, the size, and the colour, you may be looking at numerous options. Here are the five basic hinges to think about:

These hinges are inset into the cabinet, which means that the installer has used a router or chisel to create a ‘hole’ in the wood to place the hinge. The only part of this hinge you’ll see is the knuckle (the place where the hinge ‘bends’).

Wrap Around
These hinges are placed on the outside of the cabinet, each part of it visible. Often they are inset into the door and frame.

Kitchen hinges

This is probably the most common, sitting on the outside of the cabinet. These are usually very decorative and provide an extra bit of style to the remodel.

Full Extension
If you need the doors of the cabinet to open wider, in an almost 300 degree arc, these are the hinges to use.

This is most commonly used with an unframed cabinet and is entirely concealed within the wood on the inside of the door. These hinges often are self closing, with an internal spring mechanism that gently pulls the cabinet door closed.

If you have more questions about what types of hinges to use in your new custom kitchen cabinets, come talk to the friendly and knowledgeable staff at Elite Kitchens and Bathrooms.


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