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About Elite Kitchens Owner Ken
Meet Ken. Ken is the founder and owner of Elite Kitchens and Bathrooms. Ken always enjoyed building things. When he graduated high school, he knew what he wanted to do… build furniture! He began working in the construction industry, learning how to frame structures and the logistics of construction and layout. Ken then moved to a kitchen cabinet company from 1985 until 1989 working his way up from general labourer to shop foreman. During this time, he attended BCIT and completed his journeyman’s ticket in benchwork joinery. After that, he worked building furniture at a high-end furniture manufacturer for about a year and a half where he honed his skills of (fine craftsmanship). Armed with a number of years of experience and knowledge in both furniture manufacturing and cabinet manufacturing, Ken decided it was time to start his own business. Elite was born in 1990 in Maple Ridge crafting both furniture and custom cabinetry.
Elite Kitchens and Bathrooms moved to its current location in Langley in 1991. The demand for high-end furniture slowed and the business became focused on creating custom cabinetry with an eye for craftsmanship (same as furniture). Ken continues to strive for fine craftsmanship and attention to detail and that is the motivation and that is what remains in every kitchen, bathroom, office/den, theatre room or any other room that requires custom cabinetry. He loves to help customers find their own design and bring it to life with work with the home owner to create something specific to them making what seams impossible -work, Creating new ways to innovate our ever changing lives in our busiest room of the house making your place, not look like the every other house.

Elite Custom Kitchens Vancouver

Meet Our Team at Elite Kitchens and Bathrooms

Ken Jungling, Owner of Elite Kitchens

Ken Jungling

Designer & Owner of Elite Kitchens and Bathrooms 



Steven Smailes

Operations Manager


Cynthia Clark

Interior Designer



Elite Custom Kitchens Vancouver

Keeping Promises, One Detail at a Time

What you see when you look at Elite’s custom cabinets is impressive. But what you can’t see is even more impressive. It’s the unseen elements that separates Elite Kitchens & Bathrooms from its competitors. For instance, our total teamwork commitment to customer service and the extra special attention we pay to the smallest of details. It’s easy to make promises but it’s another matter keeping them. You won’t find Elite Kitchens & Bathrooms making promises it can’t or won’t keep. The superior craftsmanship, quality materials and excellent prices of our custom cabinets are all just as impressive as the finished cabinets you see! For answers to frequently asked questions about custom cabinets in Vancouver, please visit our FAQ page.

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Which stone countertop is best for me?

Choosing the right countertop can be a very difficult decision. There are many factors to consider, such as price, look, resale value, aesthetic, and installation. For each family, each home, the choice may be different. Remember that the final decision is yours – so the choice that’s best for one person may not be right for another. Here are a few things to help you decide which counter is right for you: Quartz Counters Quartz counters are non-porous and never require any sealing. Spilling liquids will not result in staining and they just require a quick cleanup. They are almost completely no-maintenance and are very durable. Quartz usually has more colour options and the colour can be more consistent. Since a quartz countertop is made from crushed quartz that is mixed together, the manufacturer can control the patterns and colours. They can, however, be discoloured by sunlight. If one part of the counter is exposed to a lot of sunlight, it may change colour over time. Quartz is usually the cheaper option, but not always, depending on the countertop you have chosen. Granite Counters Granite kitchen counters offer a more natural look, since they are basically a piece of rock that has been dug out of the ground and cut into the shape of a counter. Many people love that “back to nature” style, which accounts for its popularity. With that natural look comes some aspects that some may consider drawbacks while others consider advantages. Granite counters are not uniform in colour. There will be variations throughout the rock. In fact, the sample you see in the store may... read more

Elite Contest: Enter to win an amazing dining experience for two.

Elite Contest  Enter our Elite Contest for a chance to win an amazing dining experience for two. Valued at $200, this absolutely care-free evening is provided by our friends from Barrique Kitchen & Wine Bar and Friends DD. In celebration of our success at the Consumer Choice Awards 2018, we are giving away this fantastic dining and wining experience at Barrique Kitchen & Wine Bar, and a ride from Friends DD. Imagine a relaxing evening with a great company while Chef, Carel prepares a delicious three course meal with wine pairings. All you have to do is sit back and have fun! About Chef, Carel: Carel Meyburg is a world-traveling Chef who has learned many different styles of cooking. With over 10 years of industry experience, Carel is currently pouring his passion for culinary arts into the newly opened Barrique Kitchen & Wine Bar in White Rock, BC. Carel also specializes in private fine dining with focus on Thai, Indian, and Italian cuisine. Indeed, Carel’s cooking shows the melody of his travels. About Friends DD: Friends DD is a designated driving service covering all of Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. Friends DD will pick you up from anywhere within their service area and drive you home safely in your vehicle. 4 easy steps to enter: Click here to begin Enter your full name and email address (winner will be contacted by email) Like our Facebook page Share the contest with your family and friends  Contest ends on February 20, 2018 at NOON, and the winner will be publicly announced shortly after. The lucky winner can select the best suitable... read more

Why the kitchen is the most important room of the home

“The kitchen is the heart of the home.” This saying has been handed down for generations and it’s something that most people agree with before thinking about the validity of the statement. When people think about their kitchens, they always equate it with comforting family memories that bring a smile to their faces. These warm feelings are well deserved because the kitchen is the most important room in the home. The kitchen is the centre of every day, bringing people together over something that makes them feel better: food. The simple fact that the kitchen is where a family joins together for nourishment and sustenance shows just how important it is. But it’s more than that, especially in today’s culture. Whereas, in the past, the kitchen was usually a separate room, where only the women spent their time cooking, far away from the rest of the family, it has now become a meeting place, a social area, and where the family gathers. As kitchens got bigger and added dining nooks, or breakfast tables, or bar stools for Sunday brunch, the room gained importance as more and more family events occurred there. No longer was the kitchen a separate room for food preparation. It has become a dining and meeting room as well. The kitchen is also the main social area for a family. Now that the living room has essentially become the TV room, where the family sits down to stare, silently, at any number of screens, the kitchen is where people talk. Sitting down at the table, talking about the work or school day, people spend most of... read more

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