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About Elite Kitchens Owner Ken
Meet Ken. Ken is the founder and owner of Elite Kitchens and Bathrooms. Ken always enjoyed building things. When he graduated high school, he knew what he wanted to do… build furniture! He began working in the construction industry, learning how to frame structures and the logistics of construction and layout. Ken then moved to a kitchen cabinet company from 1985 until 1989 working his way up from general labourer to shop foreman. During this time, he attended BCIT and completed his journeyman’s ticket in benchwork joinery. After that, he worked building furniture at a high-end furniture manufacturer for about a year and a half where he honed his skills of (fine craftsmanship). Armed with a number of years of experience and knowledge in both furniture manufacturing and cabinet manufacturing, Ken decided it was time to start his own business. Elite was born in 1990 in Maple Ridge crafting both furniture and custom cabinetry.
Elite Kitchens and Bathrooms moved to its current location in Langley in 1991. The demand for high-end furniture slowed and the business became focused on creating custom cabinetry with an eye for craftsmanship (same as furniture). Ken continues to strive for fine craftsmanship and attention to detail and that is the motivation and that is what remains in every kitchen, bathroom, office/den, theatre room or any other room that requires custom cabinetry. He loves to help customers find their own design and bring it to life with work with the home owner to create something specific to them making what seams impossible -work, Creating new ways to innovate our ever changing lives in our busiest room of the house making your place, not look like the every other house.

Elite Custom Kitchens Vancouver

Meet Our Team at Elite Kitchens and Bathrooms

Ken Jungling, Owner of Elite Kitchens

Ken Jungling

Designer & Owner of Elite Kitchens and Bathrooms 



Steven Smailes

Operations Manager


Danielle Wheeler

Interior Designer 


Elite Custom Kitchens Vancouver

Keeping Promises, One Detail at a Time

What you see when you look at Elite’s custom cabinets is impressive. But what you can’t see is even more impressive. It’s the unseen elements that separates Elite Kitchens & Bathrooms from its competitors. For instance, our total teamwork commitment to customer service and the extra special attention we pay to the smallest of details. It’s easy to make promises but it’s another matter keeping them. You won’t find Elite Kitchens & Bathrooms making promises it can’t or won’t keep. The superior craftsmanship, quality materials and excellent prices of our custom cabinets are all just as impressive as the finished cabinets you see! For answers to frequently asked questions about custom cabinets in Vancouver, please visit our FAQ page.

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WIN Elite’s back2school Relaxation Package!

We are so excited to announce that our back2school contest is here! Take your chance to win the ultimate relaxation package!  We have partnered with Salt Wellness Centre in Surrey, BC and Flair Hair & Beauty in Langley, BC, and giving away an opportunity for ultimate relaxation and pampering to one lucky recipient – anyone is welcome to enter! Take your chance to enjoy these wonderful experiences and time for yourself after the hectic back-to-school time is over! At Salt, you will enjoy one 90 minute float session, one 45 minute salt room session and receive one relaxation kit which includes bath bombs, salt bar and an epsom salt jar. In case you didn’t know, floatation is a practice that allows you to experience the healing effects of deep rest and weightlessness as you effortlessly float in super-saturated salt water, free from the distractions of all of your senses. This wonderful package is worth $145. At Flair, you will receive an ultimate spa mani + pedi treatment, guaranteed to take your mind off the daily grind for at least 2 hours! This fabulous endevour is valued at $80. And since everyone enjoys a treat and a cup of something delicious, we are throwing in a $20 Starbucks giftcard. Sounds amazing! How do I enter? It’s easy! Click this link for instructions on how to enter.  Enter your contact email (winner will be notified by email) LIKE our Facebook Page. SHARE our contest on Facebook to spread the word! Contest closes on Sunday, September 17, 2017 at MIDNIGHT, and the winner will be publicly announced shortly after. Contest Rules: Prize is non-transferrable, not redeemable for cash. Total of one prize in... read more

How to Choose the Right Kitchen Cabinet Finish

One decision that frequently gets ignored, even when building custom kitchen cabinetry, is the finish on the cabinets. People spend time matching colour, choosing the right design, and then are faced with the challenge of that final option. Here is a quick look at how to choose the right cabinet finish. Two very popular finishes are High Gloss and Flat Matte. Just like with photographs, gloss is shiny and matte isn’t. Depending on what kind of kitchen you want and the style you’ve chosen, you’ll want to carefully pick the finish as well. High gloss is a more modern-looking finish that is shiny and reflects light well. It’s great if you have a smaller-sized kitchen and want to give the illusion of space. This shine is also good if you’re picking dark colours and want to brighten things up. Many young families in Greater Vancouver choose high gloss because it’s easy to clean, with just a soft, non-scratch cloth. On the other hand, flat matte is a more traditional style and is perfect if you want a country-style kitchen. It’s very common in large kitchens with many colours because reflections aren’t a problem. Another big advantage to matte finishes is that they don’t show fingerprints or marks. With no light reflections, you won’t see those spots or blemishes. But some people feel that flat matte finishes, especially when done in the entire kitchen, can look a little boring. They choose to mix the two, using two different finishes to make the room look more interesting. They will use the high gloss on higher cabinets to reflect the light, and... read more

Cabinet Inserts and Organizers for Space Maximization

Has this ever happened to you before? You’re cooking dinner, moving smoothly from stovetop to counter, mixing and stirring, chopping and dicing, and everything is coming along marvellously. The sauce you’re making looks beautiful but you know you need one more thing, one more ingredient to make it perfect. You need some lemon zest. You grab the lemon out of the fridge and then pull open the top drawer, looking for the zester. And you’re greeted by a chaotic mess of kitchen tools and measuring cups, all scattered haphazardly within the drawer. It’s a real mess, metal and plastic pressed together. So you start pushing pieces this way and that, trying to find that one tool you need. So why not solve that problem and ensure it never happens again? Cabinet inserts and organizers are the perfect way to make sure that everything has a proper place in your kitchen. Elite Kitchen Centre, your home for custom cabinetry in Vancouver, also offers amazing custom-built cabinet inserts that will save you space and time. We can build you drawer inserts to hold utensils, cutlery, or even a complete knife rack. If you’re getting us to build you a custom cabinet, we can make your drawers hold exactly what you need it to. And if your counter tops or cupboards are getting too crowded, we can build you organizers to help solve that problem. Just think of how beautiful your cabinet will look when you open the doors to see amazingly-crafted wooden organizers that keep everything in the proper place. No more rustling through the cabinets, hoping to find that one... read more

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