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Storage Ideas for your Bathroom

Has anyone ever walked into a bathroom and said, “Wow, I have too much storage space”? Bathrooms are notorious for being cramped, tight, and packed to the limit. As apartments in Greater Vancouver get smaller and smaller, the bathrooms are getting more and more cramped. Whether you’re trying to find space for that extra roll of toilet paper or another set of towels, most people struggle to get more storage space. The simplest and easiest way to crack the storage puzzle is to use the space in the most effective way possible. In most cases, the size and design of the cabinets is what determines just how much storage you have. A good design allows you to use every square inch to store what you need. One effective way to add storage is to think up. Although the basic bathroom cabinet takes care of a lot of storage, sitting underneath the sink or sinks, filled with drawers and doors, a higher cabinet, especially one that stretches to the ceiling, can handle even more storage. Instead of that gigantic mirror that stretches across the length of one wall, you can get a custom-built and designed cabinet that uses that space more effectively. At Elite Kitchen Centre, we’ve designed and built cabinets that run from countertop to ceiling, separating the two sinks while giving people a place to store lots of their stuff. A great way to inspire your creativity and just see what your bathroom is capable of holding is to come by our showroom and take a look at what we can do. We can specially design cabinets for... read more

Quartz vs Granite? Which Countertop is Best for You?

When it’s time to remodel the kitchen, the choice of countertop is always one that leaves most people struggling to make the best decision. Two popular choices in Vancouver are quartz and granite, and there are plusses and minuses to both. Before I take a look at these different materials, remember that the choice between quartz and granite, in the end, comes down to you. Which one do you like the best and which one fits your budget the best? There really isn’t a bad choice when it’s your preference. Both quartz and granite are very strong but are not indestructible. The quartz countertop is stain resistant and does not require sealing, while the granite countertop must be resealed every year. If you don’t seal the stone, it can be stained by different liquids. Both these countertops are really heavy and need to be installed professionally. But quartz is more flexible and easier to work with during the installation. Remember that a granite countertop is literally a piece of rock that’s been cut out of the earth, while quartz is a mix of crushed quartz and resin. Colour-wise, you will have to remember that a granite slab may not be the same, exact colour as the one you saw in the showroom. The quartz countertop, however, will be. But a quartz countertop may fade over time from the sun. The granite won’t. When you think about the appearance of your counter top, you have to decide what look is more important to you. If you want a countertop with no visible seams and a uniform appearance, you want quartz.... read more

How to Choose the Right Kitchen Sink

Is there any item in your kitchen that you use more than the kitchen sink? It’s where you wash your dishes, clean off your food, wash your hands, fill up your pots, and many, many, many other things. It’s the centre of your work space and the one item that you know you’ll use, no matter what you’re doing. This is why choosing the right kitchen sink is so important. Most people spend a lot of time deciding on all the other kitchen fixtures but you really need to think about what sink will work best with your lifestyle and how you like to work. The first thing to consider is the number of basins in your sink. Do you like working in a simple, one basin sink or do you need to have your sink separated into two sections so you can do different tasks? By understanding how you like to use your sink, it will make it easier for you to decide what kind of sink you prefer to use. The second thing to think about is the shape of the sink. This is more of a design choice than a usage one. Take a look at the size and style of your kitchen and think about what sink will fit best with your decor and style. Don’t try to put a gigantic sink into a tiny, galley-style kitchen. Finally, think about the sink placement. Some people complain that if their sink is too deep, and they’re constantly leaning down to reach the bottom, their backs start to hurt. Make sure that your sink is in the... read more

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Elite Kitchens and Bathrooms
#101-6010 196th Street
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V3A 5X3

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